Blended Flower Essence Combinations

Making Your Choices Easy! These combination remedies help take the guess work out of working with flower essences.  They have been given common names for their practical...

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Custom Flower Essence Creations!

Pick 7 of Your Favorite Flower Essences

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Single Remedies, Popular Blends For Every Circumstance, Custom Combinations & BFE Originals! This is going to be a “sticky” page for all things flower essences. ...

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What Everyone Needs!

It is shocking how many people know what they should be doing to recover their health, to maintain or preserve it but are NOT doing it.  They get frustrated because they’ll...

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BFE Originals: Try These Unique Flower Essences!


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Single Bach Flower Essences

Multi-Chord Remedies for All 38 Bach Flowers!

Stop taking those flat Bach flower remedies – Find out what makes our multi-chord remedies rise above the rest. As one customer put it… “THESE ESSENCES ARE LIKE BACH FLOWERS ON STEROIDS!”

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Single Flower Essence Originals

Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in BFE Originals, BFE:Originals, Blessed Flower Essences, Dandelion, Delosperma, Gardenia, Hosta, Meyer Lemon, White Hyacinth

Flower PowerIf you can’t tell, we have a great appreciation for the beauty of flowers and plants. However, we have an even greater passion and love for the healing found in their essences. We believe God meets us where we are in a very literal way. You probably have a plethora of healing in your own back yard!

Our very first original creation came out of Dr. Nofziger’s personal garden and is her favorite flower… the Gardenia. The fluffy purity of the petals next to the deep gorgeous green makes the white really pop! Not to mention, the smell of Gardenia is truly divine. It has since become one of our family’s favorite flower essences. Dr. Nofziger believes it might be possible that “smelly flowers” offer additional virtues that aren’t found in ones that aren’t fragrant.

Since falling in love with Gardenia, we’ve become almost obsessed with collecting, studying and creating powerful multi-chord remedies of all sorts of flowers. Our growing single flower essence line includes some of the most common, interesting or beautiful flowers we can find.

Soon we will be offering a Flower Essence Fan Membership Club. It will most likely start with quarterly offerings. Then grow into monthly offering as our library and body of research grows. Like BFE on Facebook to keep up with new flower essence originals, special offers & give-aways!

15 ml retail product


Buy These BFE Single Flower Essence Originals


Buy Dandelion Flower Essence Remedy

Dandelion $15.95




This flower essence remedy is extremely beneficial for cleansing the physical body especially the detoxification and eliminative organs – Primarily the Liver, Kidneys, Skin, Lymph and Large Intestines. It is good for knowing when to let go and when to hold on, in a literal sense & figurative. It offers protective strength so it might be helpful for prolapses of uterus, colon or bladder. Dandelion soothes minor irritants, agitation, irritability, complaining, murmuring, and tension. Try it for hardened tissues like scars, adhesions, stones and other sclerotic conditions.

Buy Delsperma Flower Essence Remedy

Delosperma $15.95




This flower essence is great to take anytime you are lacking ANYTHING – Money, Job, Appetite, Determination, Passion, Self-Confidence or Anything else. It is protective, adaptive, resourceful, tolerant, producing a good, patient attitude. It boosts intuition and survival instincts. It rids separation anxiety and helps with abandonment issues. Try taking the Delosperma Flower Essence during times of change, transition or weathering any storm.

Buy Gardenia Flower Essence Remedy

Gardenia $15.95




The gardenia flower remedy is very good at returning or restoring systems, order, balance, or priorities. It gives one the ability to see the big picture, to persevere, and stay on task. Gardenia is great for noticing patterns, math skills, higher thinking, organization, seeing projects through to completion & knowing how to use resources. When out of balance it will cause confusion, flightiness, flaky, muddled thoughts, running in circles, off on tangents, starts & stops speech in mid conversation, feelings like they are “spinning wheels”, poor time management with half completed projects. Ultimately when unbalanced it will lead to frustration, stagnation & even physical congestion.

Buy Hosta Flower Essence

Hosta $15.95




This flower essence is a feel good remedy for sure! The Hosta remedy was an instant hit with the entire family. It has the ability to lift the spirit and produce a completely joyous and carefree attitude. It is great for excessive worry. If taken in a good mood it can even make you giddy or childlike silly. It gave me a permanent grin and made both me and Sarah (one of my daughter’s) giggly. A very interesting thing happened with my other daughter Hannah… She noticed she didn’t have to say everything she thinks which for her can be a big problem.

Buy White Hyacinth Flower Essence

White Hyacinth $15.95



Hyacinth (White)

This flower essence remedy is still being studied in detail – But here’s what we know so far… It came up for us when we all had a cold going around. It might be a good flower essence to take during times of sickness. It is extremely purifying so would be great for any kind of infection. It helps reduce chest congestion & cuts down on mucous buildup. It is soothing for a dry sore throat and helps drain the ears so might be a good flower essence for an ear infection.

Buy Meyer Lemon Flower Essence Remedy

Meyer Lemon $15.95



Meyer Lemon

The Meyer Lemon flower remedy is the most calming, deeply relaxing flower essence I’ve ever used. The first time I tried it when I was already calm it almost made me need to lie down. It is very laid back, patient and receptive. Meyer Lemon is the perfect essence for someone who is overly intense, stressed out, or rigid. who has needed a “CHILL PILL” It promotes sleep, relaxation and meditation. It soothes the nerves, and is good for inflammation, pain, stiffness or soreness. It detoxifies the stomach of food additives, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals. If the Meyer Lemon essence sang a song it would have to be “Don’t Worry… Be Happy”


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Flower Essences – FAQ’s

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Flower Remedies

How often should I take flower essences?


Most practitioners advise to take flower remedies about 4 times a day.  However, I personally believe every drop of water (or any other liquid you may be drinking) has the potential of bringing health, healing, restoration, renewal, positive mindsets, straightened priorities, clarity, confidence & courage when essences are present!  So why then should they be reserved for only 4 times a day?!  Every water pitcher, bottle or glass I fill has flower essences and or other vibrational remedies.

Can your single flower essences be used to make custom remedies?


Absolutely! -  Blessed Flower Essences’ single remedies can be used as “stock” or “mother” essences.  They can make countless custom blended remedies.  It is one reason we urge people to invest in single kits.  However, great care should be given to ensure they are prepared properly.


Are there a maximum number of single remedies I can take at the same time?

Bach Centre in England recommends a maximum of 7 single flower essences in a custom remedy treatment bottle.  Personally, I believe there is no harm in using too many essences but there could be consequences if someone is not getting the right one(s).  I have a few combinations that have 8 essences.  As a general rule, I try to keep them under 7 essences.  When I use muscle testing, which is frequently, only 5-7 Flower Essences come up and address many issues beautifully.    So I guess it is a fine line between making sure you have enough without diluting (or muffling) some of the instructions.


I don’t drink a lot of water – Can I add flower essences to other drinks?

Nothing is a substitute for pure water!  To ensure tissues don’t get overly acidic and to keep organs functioning optimally it requires proper hydration.  Every person needs at least ½ their body weight in ounces per day in REGULAR INTERVALS.  Cells can only hold up to 5-6 ounces at a time.  Think of this as sand holding water after the tide.  It can only hold so much before it becomes flooded.  Therefore, I recommend sipping 4-5 ounces every 20-30 minutes.

Many people are dehydrated even though they consume enough ounces per day.  They might drink 12-16 ounces once they become thirsty every 3-4 hours.  When the body is in starvation mode it will hold on to fat.  It will do the same thing when dehydrated – It will hold on to water.

All that being said I am also a realist.  If you drink other beverages it is still an opportunity to bring in the flower essences!  If you are someone who has difficulties having one (or more) too many alcoholic drinks try adding crave to them & see if helps you from overindulging!  In our family we juice a lot & drink smoothies everyday so essences can also be added to these liquid meals.  Flower remedies boost the medicinal effects of herbal teas tremendously.  We also add them to baths, lotions, shampoo, conditioners, and facial masks or just about everything else the flower essences can be easily mixed with.

Is it ok to take more than one combination flower remedy at the same time?

It is not uncommon for me to take multiple flower essence combinations in the same DAY.  However, I don’t mix them at the same time.  Here’s why…  The energetic vibrations in flower remedies act as healing messages to the body.  If you give too many instructions at the same time it loses some of its clarity.  Think of this as voices in a crowd – The more people speaking the harder it is to hear!

Here’s an example of how using the flower essence combinations might be done throughout a typical day…  Fatigue, Alert or Transition might be a good choice in your first glass of water of the day.  Everyone should be taking in water soon upon waking anyway.  Then if you’re off to work you might choose Professional.  Or if you’re off to class so you might go with Student.  If you’ve had a really stressful day when you get home you might take Peace, Stress or Family Bliss to help unwind.  You might sip on some sleep at bedtime in water warm milk or herbal tea.

We almost always pass Family Bliss around when doing chores on the weekend.  When someone in our family gets hurt they sip on some Peace.  When someone receives some bad news we take Grief.

I’ve heard flower essence remedies can be used for muscle aches and pains?

I have had tremendous results with flower essences reducing aches and pain.  Peace would always be my go to for any type of pain.  Another good choice might be Forgiveness as it deals with rigidity, flow and hardness issues.  I find flower remedies especially helpful when using body mapping and / or muscle testing for determining the right essences to apply.  It usually requires only 1 or 2 applications for immediate and lasting results!

I would also look into other underlying causes like poor digestion & nutritional deficiencies as a source of the pain.  Deficiencies like calcium, magnesium and/or potassium are the most likely culprits for pain.  Also, if there are excessive acids in the tissues that can definitely add to aches, muscle soreness and pain.

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Spiritual Bliss: Energetic Remedy to Increase Awareness, Spirituality & Fruit of Spirit

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in BFE:Spiritual Bliss, Blessed Flower Essences, Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Bliss Energetic Remedy

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One of the VERY FIRST things God tells us in scripture is… “The Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God SAID, Let there be light: and there was light.”

Genesis 1:2-3
This tells us God created Light by what he consciously imprinted (spoke) on water!

If we are made up of mostly water… I ask you, what is imprinted & spoken on your water?!? Like most people you would be a collection of every negative thought and word spoken to you or about you.

Dr. Birchall-Nofziger, ND crafted this informational multi-chord energetic remedy based on the life work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of the groundbreaking book “Hidden Messages in Water” Originally, it was used for her own energetic experiments. Then, after experiencing the emotional relief and deliverance following a painful divorce, she began introducing this remedy to clients. It quickly became a family, friend and client favorite!

Dr. Emoto’s life work has visually demonstrated the powerful healing potential or devastating & negative consequences to the vibrational patterns.Further that they can be collected and stored in water. His studies visually showcase, more than any other body of work, the constructive or destructive power of WORDS!

Video Montage of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Photographs

Spiritual Bliss contains the imprinted (multi-chord essences) of these 30 spiritual concepts and power-packed words:

Blessing Heaven Peace
Charity Hope Prosperity
Child Jesus Pure
Contentment Joy Righteousness
Faith Justice Serenity
Father Knowledge Spouse
Forgiveness Life Success
Gratitude Love Thanks
Happiness Miracle Truth
Health Mother Wisdom

Two Favorite Quotes by Users About How Spiritual Bliss Feels

“In my darkest, I took it and I can only describe the sensation as a bubbling excitement of anticipation similar to how I felt as a child on Christmas morning before heading downstairs!”

” I was having a really stressful day and was being really short with customers. I decided to try the Spiritual Bliss. Not only did I feel much calmer and patient with people – I know this is going to sound weird… but it made me feel all silky inside”


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Kill, Rid & Cleanse Intestinal Parasites like Bacteria, Yeast (Candida), Fungus, Parasitic Worms with PARAMAX

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Aches & Pain, Advanced Naturals, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Autism, Brain, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Colon, Digestion, Everyone Needs, Headache, Heart, Herbal, Hypoglycemia, Inflammation, Liver, Lungs, Pain Management, Pancreas, ParaMax, pH Balance, Small Intestine

Buy ParaMax $ 39.95

Buy ParaMax
$ 39.95

Ready to Begin Repairing that Leaky Gut…?  You’ve got to start with ridding what is destroying your digestion!  Parasitic Microbes & Worms… Naturally

ParaMax is an all-natural professional strength 2 part (capsules and herbal tincture) intestinal and systemic cleansing kit.  The natural formula of herbs and other natural healing and soothing ingredients in ParaMax provide specific digestive support to assist the body restore balance especially to intestinal flora.

I am getting ready to say something that your mind will want to reject but here is the absolute SCIENTIFIC TRUTH…  100% of people (and animals) have PARASITES!   According to the CDC’s own definition…  “A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host and gets its food from or at the expense of its host. Parasites can cause disease in humans.”

 ”The enemy comes only to rob, kill & destroy…  But I come that you may have an enjoy your life”  John 10:10

One of the most critical things to our overall health is the state of our intestinal flora.  Intestinal Flora is the ratio of “good” yeasts & bacteria (probiotics) AND “bad” (pathogenic) strains.  Therefore…  YES – 100% of people have parasites! 

Considering this it only makes sense that an intestinal and systemic cleansing is done a couple of times a year to maintain a healthy flora.  In other words…restoring more good than bad microbes!

ParaMax reduces pathogenic microbes like bacteria, yeast, candida, fungus and larger parasitic worms.  It helps promote a healthy digestive system.‡

Intestinal Microbial Balancing: Black walnut, caprylic acid, clove, garlic, grapefruit, orange, pau d’arco, pippali, pumpkin, quassia, rosemary, thyme, undecylenic acid, wormwood

Intestinal Soothing & Healing: Bismuth citrate, cape aloe, marshmallow

This 2-part formula contains no yeast, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, salt, sugar, dairy, animal products, binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

Activated Charcoal Image

Buy Activated Charcoal
$ 12.95

I HIGHLY recommend consider taking activated charcoal during a parasite cleanse to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of die off (also known as Herxheimer or Herx Reactions).

As pathogenic strains of microbes die they release large amounts of mycotoxins, endotoxins and acids that are very disruptive to the nervous system.  In fact most symptoms of pathogenic overgrowth are caused by such toxic metabolites.   These toxic substances generally produce things like

  • aches & pains in muscles & joints
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • poor stress handling
  • sensitivities to light & sounds
  • anger & frustration
  • crying spells & other emotional disturbances
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Gem Essences / Crystal Elixirs

Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in BGE:Singles, Blessed Gem Essences, Spiritual Healing


Buy Gem Essences


What Are Gem Essences / Crystal Elixirs?

Gem essences are natural vibrational imprints that transmit their healing power through regular drinking water. They interact with the subtle energetic body and evoke specific meta-physical healing qualities that affect our mind, body, and spirit. Like all essences they help raise our body’s vibrational patterns, restoring health & well-being.


How Do I Take the Gem Essences?

1) Drip at Least 1 Drop in Drinking Water of Any Size Container (or Other Beverage)
2) Tap, Stir or Shake to Activate Essence(s)
3) Drink & Enjoy!

Most practitioners or manufacturers recommend taking essences and other energetic remedies about 4 times a day.  However, I personally believe every drop of water (or any other liquid you may be drinking) has the potential of bringing health, healing, restoration, renewal, positive mindsets, straightened priorities, clarity, confidence & courage when essences are present!  So why then should they be reserved for only 4 times a day?!  Every water pitcher, bottle or glass I fill has Gem & Flower Essences or other vibrational remedies.

How Our Gem Essences Are Made

The crystals chosen were hand selected for their color, beauty, clarity and must be very representative of their type. They were allowed to charge in the full sun prior to placing in distilled water to charge for several hours more for capturing their essence. This cleanses the gem crystals and allows for the highest possible vibration of each stone’s essence. Next a sample is siphoned off to add to our vast energetic library in the Avatar. Then we select our 16 proprietary frequencies (hopefully soon to be patent pending) 8 to address the acute and 8 to address chronic or generational weaknesses. Lastly, we use a wave-runner to imprint this new multi-chord essence onto our powerful nutritional base. Ta Da… A powerful gem essence / crystal elixir is born!

Our Gem Essences Are Unique

There are several things that make our essences different. Here a couple of the most important differences…

Powerful Multi-Chord Remedies – 16 Proprietary Potencies for Each Essence

We Only Use Distilled Water.  We want everything contained in our essences to BE ON PURPOSE!

Cellular Carrier with Trace Minerals – They deliver the essences where you need them most… directly into each cell

Unmatched Purity – We use gluten free distilled vodka (from pineapple) and oxygen to preserve our essences

A Better Bottle – We tend to get questions about why we don’t use the same rubber dropper bottles that everyone else does. From our own experience, the rubber droppers either disintegrate or make the essences turn faster (become cloudy, stinky or taste rubbery / icky) over time. This is especially true if they are stored in warmer areas, on their side, or carried in a purse. We only use these types of bottles for making short-term custom remedies.

Freshness & Manufacturer Guarantee – If your Essence ever turn (see above) prior to the fresh date on your essence (which has never been reported), have a defective cap which happens on rare occasions, or there is some bizarre shipping mishap, we will replace your essence no questions asked!

Meta-Psychical Properties of These Powerful Gem Essences / Crystal Elixirs

 Amazonite-Crystal Amazonite

For Absorbing EMFs, Brain, Mood, Emotions, Calm, Grief, Loving Communications, Intuition, Sees Many Sides of Problems, Calcium Assimilation & Psychic Vision

Amethyst-Crystal Amethyst

Supports Mind, Meditation, Peace, Alcoholism, Addictions, Fatigue, Anger, Decision Making, Arthritis, Metabolism, Hormones, Burns Acne, Swelling, Pain & Injury

 Angelite-Crystal Angelite

For Angelic Guidance, Intuition, Awareness, Math, Perception, Telepathy, Inspiration, Empathy, Acceptance, Anger, Peace, Throat Thyroid, Fluid & Weight Control

 Bloodstone-Crystal Bloodstone

Supports Cleansing Blood, Liver Intestine, Spleen, Infection, Detox, Circulation, Protection, Creativity, Intuition, Heart, Lymph, Immune, Irritability, Impatience, & Energy

 Citrine Citrine

For Cleansing, Warmth, Energy Prosperity, Wealth, Confidence Motivation,Creativity, Fear, Calm Abundance, Optimism, Wisdom Focus, Digestion & Hormones

 Fluorite-Crystal Fluorite

For Skin, Bone, Joints, Flu, Cells, DNA, Cleansing, Purity, Infections, Stress, Focus, Chaos, Learning, Dexterity, Coordination, Balance, Intuition, Revealing Truth & Order

 Garnet-Crystal Garnet

For Love, Passion, Devotion, Sex Drive, Energy, Metabolism, DNA, Purity, 6th Sense, ESP, Inhibitions, Commitment, Heart, Blood, Lungs Pituitary, Confidence & in Crisis

 Jade-Crystal Jade

For Calm, Wisdom, Luck, Purity, Serenity, Love, Relationships, Nurturing, Protection, Harmony, Kidneys, Adrenals, Detox, Spleen, Fertility, Balances Fluids & pH

 Lapis-Lazuli-Crystal Lapis Lazuli

For Enlightenment, Expression, 3rd Eye, Dream Work, Psychic & Spiritual Growth, Stress, Peace, Honesty, Compassion, Purpose, Thyroid, Hearing, & Depression

 Malachite-Crystal Malachite

For Protection, Healing, Acidity, Negativity, Toxicity, Insight, Psychic Vision, Expression, Change, Risk Taking, Cramps, Childbirth, Love, Heart & Kidneys

 Moonstone-Crystal Moonstone

Supports Change, Fertility, Calm, New Beginnings, Male / Female Balance, Receptive, Cycles, Fluid Retention, Hormones, Instability, Lucid Dreaming, ESP & Intuition

 Obsidian-Crystal Obsidian

For Growth, Protection, Truth, Toxicity, Sensitivity, Insight, Resolving Problems & Traumas, Negativity, Digestion, Shock, Pain, Cramps, Tension & Stress

 Onyx-Crystal Onyx

For Strength, Injury, Mental Stress, Confusion, Focus, Flighty, Stability, Worry, Grief, Trauma Bone, Marrow, Blood, Stamina, Fears, Self Confidence & Control

 Quartz-Crystal Quartz

For Energy, Immune System, Cleansing, Healing, Protection, Concentration, Programming Calming, Distractions, Meditation Balance, Memory, Burns, Chakras

 Rhodochrosite-Crystal Rhodochrosite

For Selfless Love, Facing Truth & Fears, Compassion, Self Worth, Asthma, Healing Old Sexual Abuse & Emotions, Sex Organs, Attitudes, Eyesight & Circulatory

 Rose-Quartz-Crystal Rose Quartz

Supports Heart, Unconditional Love, Libido, Heartache, Empathy, Romanticism, Forgiving, Trust, Unity, All Relationships, Harmony, Pain, Circulation, Fertility, & Lung

 Topaz-Crystal Topaz

To Mellow, Energize, Soothe, Heal, Forgive, Trust, Relax, Love, Share, Tap Into Resources, Set & Attain Goals, Empathize, Joy, Shed Light on Truth, & Wisdom, Self Awareness & Realization

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Pro-Gest-Ade Protein Digestive Enzyme with Hydrochloric Acid

Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 in Amino Acids, Digestion, Digestive Enzymes, Enzymatic Therapy, ET - Pro-Gest-Ade, Inflammation, Pancreas

Enzymatic Therapy Pro-Gest-Ade Digestive Enzyme with Hydrocholic Acid 763948014590

Buy Pro-Gest-Ade

Why is it important for protein and other food to be broken down properly?

It is how our body acquires the nutrients and building blocks it needs:

When our digestive system functions properly, it pulls the nutrients we need from the foods we eat.  That’s why it’s important to follow a healthy diet and make sure we have the enzymes and nutrients on board so we get the most from what we eat.†

Why use Pro-Gest-Ade?

It helps your digestive system get the most from food:†

With a blend of enzymes, plus hydrochloric acid, pancreatic and other natural ingredients, Pro-Gest-Ade™† supports proper breakdown of food and healthy stomach acidity.†

To See Hydrochloric Acid in Action Watch This Brief Video

Functions HCL / Stomach Acid

  • Breaks Down Proteins
  • Mineral Assimilation
  • Converts Pepsinogen to Pepsin
  • Regulates pH
  • Destroys Microbes
  • Needed for Iron Assimilation & Transport

Deficiency Symptoms of Hydrochloric Acid

  • Heartburn, Indigestion, Bloating, Belching, & Gas
  • Chronic Bad Breath of Unknown Origin
  • Excessive Saliva Production & Spits / Spittle When Talking
  • Physical and Mental Fatigue
  • Paleness and Anemia
  • Hair Loss
  • Lack of Appetite & Eating Disorders
  • Calcium & Potassium Deficiency
  • TMJ & Muscular Soreness at Jaw
  • Cold Hands & Feet
  • Preeclampsia (Toxemia) During Pregnancy

Directions: Take two tablets with meals.

Serving Size: 2 Tablets



Total Carbohydrate <1g


Niacin (as niacinamide) 20mg


Betaine HCl 310mg


L-Glutamic Acid HCl 310mg


Bromelain Concentrate 10:1 200mg


Papain 6X 200mg


Amylase 100mg


Lipase 100mg


Mycozyme (fungal amylase) 50mg


Ox Bile Extract 32mg


Pancreas Substance 32mg


This product does not contain

  • artificial coloring
  • artificial flavoring
  • corn
  • gluten
  • preservatives
  • salt
  • soy
  • this product contains natural ingredients; color variations are normal
  • wheat
  • yeast

Notes – If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

The enzymes in Pro-Gest-Ade dietary supplement support healthy digestion-especially protein and fat digestion. Pro-Gest-Ade also supports healthy gastric (or stomach) acidity for proper digestion and subsequent nutrient absorption.†  Keep bottle tightly closed in a dry place.  ETI is an FDA-registered Drug Establishment,

**Based on 2000 calorie diet.

Other Ingredients – cellulose, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, modified cellulose gum, magnesium stearate, modified cellulose, maltodextrin, and lactose (milk).

UPC Codes: 763948014590
Product Numbers: 01459ET

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