Professional Flower Essence Practitioner Consult


Not sure which Bach flowers, gem essences (crystal elixirs) or other remedies may be helpful for you or a loved one?  Or perhaps you feel…  Sometimes you just need to call-in a professional.  I’m here to help – Together we’ve got this!

You choose how we work together
You choose the method(s) of your Essence Selections
You will receive a custom remedy shipped free in US ($30 Value) International clients will be invoiced for shipping & handling
You will get a custom report of flower essence selections ($15 Value)

We can Consult by…

  • Telephone (Most Popular)
  • Skype
  • Webinar
  • Email
  • In Person (Available in Metro Atlanta)

Methods For Essence Selection During Consult

  • Traditional Clinical Assessment Only
  • Muscle Testing Only
  • Combination of the 2 (Most Popular)
  • Intuitively (Available Metro Atlanta Only)

See below for explanations of each method to see which may be right for you.

Appointment ImageBook Your Appointment Today!

To get on Dr. Nofziger’s schedule for your flower essence consult appointment, two things are required.  First your appointment needs to be prepaid.  Second, we ask that you notify us with up to 3 preferred time slots.  Once you have paid your appointment block & email us at Info@EssencesofHealth.  You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment time.  Most people get their 1st or 2nd choice for times.  If you should need to change your time, we ask for 24 hour notice of cancelation.  The minimum time allotment is 1/2 hour.  This is not usually sufficient time unless we are working solely by muscle testing.  It is recommended that your initial appointment be given a minimum of an hour.  Dr. Nofziger recommends that you use a combination of a clinical assessment & muscle testing.  However, there are people who don’t understand how muscle testing works or aren’t comfortable with it.  In our experience, the amount of time will depend on how many areas of coaching and how many people we are “working on”.  Also, when consulting on autistic children & their families, they tend to go longer.  Appointments that go significantly longer than their prepaid allotted time will be invoiced.  This also applies for International shipping charges for the custom remedy or remedies.  Time credits can be refunded or applied to future consults, whichever you prefer.

Dr. Darla Nofziger, ND

Dr. Darla Nofziger, ND

Virtuous Living Coach

A little background info about me... For more than 25 years, I’ve studied & worked in healthcare.  I’ve been an Essence Practitioner, Traditional Naturopath, Clinical Kinesiologist (Muscle Tester) & Virtuous Living Coach for the last 15 years.  Some years ago I sold my thriving naturopathic practice in Metro Atlanta to focus on bio-energetic research and developing our essences and healing modalities full time.  I’m the developer of the Blessed Essences Lines… Flowers, Gems, Aura & Animal Essences which are our most popular vibrational remedies.  However, recently I’ve felt called to start taking on clients again in a bigger way. 

Consult Pricing

$50 ½ Hour + $25 each ¼ Hour
$90 1 Hour + $20 each ¼ Hour
$125 1½ Hour + $20 each ¼ Hour
Saturday Appointments at 125% of Normal Rates

Prepay Appointment


I’ll email you a couple questions for you to consider prior to our session.  This will help you focus your goals for flower & other essence therapy and keep us on track during your consultation sessions.  We will discuss some of your personality, emotional, circumstantial or life goals or hindrances to any of those.  This will give us a more clinical flower essence picture to help me select some good flowers for you.



We can work completely through muscle testing.  I will muscle test which flower essences your body (or the subject) is asking for to achieve the most powerful but gentlest of healing.  During your consultation, we will discuss which essences came up for you (or subject).  Then I’ll email your custom report.  I can mail your custom remedy blend either before or after your scheduled session whichever you prefer.





To my knowledge, I am the only practitioner who works up essences this way.  We can work completely intuitively through which flowers you are visually drawn to at any given time.  At this time, I can only do this type of assessment face-to-face.  I’m working on procedures that might allow it to be done online but I’m not there yet.  We will discuss your selections that come up.  I’ll send you home with your custom blend and email your personal report.


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