All Better

Designed to Reduce Allergies, Colds, Flu, & Infections. It Aids Detox & Cleansing. It is Helpful to Use Topically for Eczema, Hives, Itching & Stings

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All Better: a Combination Remedy

Isn’t it easiest to misbehave when you just don’t feel well?  This one is good when you just want to feel better.

It is shocking how many people are overly sensitive to their environment. Allergies are one of the most common affliction that have people seeking alternative medicine and holistic care.

Further, most people believe they have chronic infection, parasites, yeast or fungal over growths. This is the powerful bouquet that was developed to target these issues. This is a popular one to use topically as well for eczema, hives, itching, bug bites, stings or for other boo-boos.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in All Better

Image of Beech Blessed Flower IconBeech Fagus SylvaticaBeech is the primary flower essence for all things intolerant. This makes it a perfect choice for handling allergies. It helps calm nerves and over reaction to substances. It can be used topically for hives, eczema or itching.
Image of Cherry Plum Blessed Flower IconCherry PlumPrunus CerasiferaThis is the remedy for handling any type of loss of control. It was selected for this bouquet for its ability to quiet a cough and for stopping vomiting or diarrhea.
Image of Crab Apple Blessed Flower IconCrab AppleMalus PumilaThis flower essence is the cleansing remedy for toxins, pathogens, and negativity. Anytime there is impurity or contamination this should be your go-to. It helps rid toxicity, poisoning, skin conditions, infections and body odor.
Image of Gorse Blessed Flower IconGorseUlex EuropaeusRecovery from illness cannot even begin if one doesn’t believe they can recover or heal. Gorse was chosen for its ability to restore the belief in healing and recovery. Anytime chronic illness is involved gorse should be considered.
Image of Olive Blessed Flower IconOliveOlea EuropaeaBy adding, this remedy we have addressed the lack of vitality or even exhaustion felt from allergies or during the healing process. Anytime one is feeling depleted, weakened or during long periods of illness this flower essence should be considered.
Image of Walnut Blessed Flower IconWalnutJuglans RegiaWalnut is the essence for all outside influences such as people, toxicity, allergens, and negativity in general. This remedy was chosen for its ability to protect from microbes or environmental sensitivity.
Image of Willow Blessed Flower IconWillowSalix VitellinaThis is the remedy of choice for helping to rid pus and mucous especially the throaty phlegm coughs or congestion. It also helps to calm some of the symptoms of over reactivity from allergies.

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