Family Bliss

Designed to Foster Love, Tolerance, Patience, Gentility, Compassion, Inspiration, & Team Work. It Rids Smothering, Tantrums & Bickering

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Family Bliss: a Combination Remedy

The breakdown of the American family and the institution of marriage is not only sad, it has been destructive to society. In recent years, the concept of “dysfunctional” family has become widely accepted… almost honored.

However, our family are, (or at least should be), the most valued and cherished relationships in our lives. These are the flower essences hand picked to address family dysfunctions and promote loving relationships.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Family Bliss

Image of Beech Blessed Flower Essences IconBeechFagus Sylvatica

A critical, intolerant, whining, complaining, perfectionist, who is never satisfied, doesn’t work very well in a loving family. This flower essence was chosen for its ability for fostering tolerance and compassion towards others. It helps us be sympathetic and maintain a positive, tolerant attitude.

Image of Cherry Plum Blessed Flower Essences IconCherry PlumPrunus Cerasifera

Whether it is for a parent with a explosive temper or a three year old throwing the biggest temper tantrum, this flower essence is a perfect choice. It gives us the ability to react and respond in a calm and rational way. It helps to diffuse any volatile situation. This one is worth Mommy carrying in her purse to handle public melt-downs.

Image of Gorse Blessed Flower Essences IconGorseUlex Europaeus

This one is a great one if there are chronic marriage struggles. Also, this prevents parents from “giving in” to demanding or spoiled children. However, it was chosen for its deeply felt security and that all is right. It promotes feelings of balance and serenity and restores hope and faith.

Image Blessed Flower Essences IconHollyIlex Aquifolium

We might as well just rename this one the… Love… essence. It allows for the expression of love, whether it is ones self or others. It promotes compromise, patience, and gentility. It rids all strong negative feelings such as anger, rage, suspicion, envy, greed, or jealousy. It prevents intolerance, resentment, argumentativeness, aggression and more.

Image of Hornbeam Blessed Flower Essences IconHornbeam Carpinus Betulus

We all get plagued with “I don’t wanna”! That’s fine, but laziness and procrastination in a family causes way too much drama. When one is plagued with procrastination, burnout, lack of interest in work, unmotivated, stagnation and boredom, this is the flower essence to take. It promotes feelings of success, strength, vitality and mental sharpness. It helps build good positive can-do attitudes & self-confidence.

Image of Red Chestnut Blessed Flower Essences IconRed ChestnutAesculus Carnea

This essence was chosen for the “You’ll poke your eye out” mom. If you’ve ever caught yourself running behind your child’s bus in your PJs with lunch, snack, or coat in hand… you just might need some Red Chestnut. Anytime there is fear, fret, and obsessive worry for the wellbeing of their loved ones, it should be considered. It builds sympathy, comforting and nurturing without smothering. It helps bring encouragement of others and reduces stress and anxiety.

Image of Vine Blessed Flower Essences IconVineVitis Vinifera

This essence was chosen for its ability to enhance leadership, team work and inspiration. It helps to produce great problem solvers, teachers, parents, and leaders. It brings the ability to command respect without, becoming a bully, or controlling or dominating. It promotes flexibility, tolerance and open-mindedness.

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