Love Natural HealthIt is shocking how many people know what they should be doing to recover their health, to maintain or preserve it but are NOT doing it.  They get frustrated because they’ll lose their healthy & then pay me $100 an hour to tell them to drink more water!  It doesn’t matter what you know to do for your health if you ARE NOT DOING IT!!

So before you go & pay a Dietitian, Nutritionist or a Traditional Naturopath like myself a healthy chunk of change…  Here are the most important natural health supplements.  Here is what 20+ years studying good health has taught me that everyone needs to be taking and doing to be or remain in excellent health.

Supplements Everyone Needs To Be Taking For Good Health

  1. An Oxygen Supplement
  2. A Good Digestive Enzyme Taken at Every Meal
  3. A Whole Food Concentrates Multi-Vitamin / Mineral
  4. High Count Multi-Strain Probiotics (Friendly Bacteria)

Most people will need these in the form of supplementation.  Numbers 1 & 2 cannot be avoided!  It is the MOST IMPORTANT things you do for excellent health.

Oxygen is our most critical bodily need.  If you don’t believe me try holding your breath…  see I told you.  It didn’t take long before you agree with me.  Think you are getting the oxygen you need just from breathing?  Even if you are breathing properly which most people do not…  Our atmosphere only contains a fraction of the oxygen it contained even just 10 or 20 years ago.  Pollution, Global Warming, E-Smog…  All these things are drastically affecting the worlds natural oxygen supply.

Although our bodies make some digestive enzymes we only make enough to cover somewhere between 1/2 – 2/3 of the meals we will eat in our lifetime.  Any cooking processing or irradiation (a process that even organic foods are subjected to) destroys enzymes.  This reality has left us all lacking the enzymes required for every chemical reaction in the body not just for the sake of digestion!

Number 3 can be reduced or eliminated if you are a raw food fanatic or a die-hard consistent juicer.  Even the ones that are, report feeling and sleeping better and a reduction in fatigue, hair, skin, bone loss, anxiety, depression and other symptoms when taking a good concentrated whole food multi.

Number 4 can be reduced or eliminated if you culture your own live foods and eat them everyday.  Most commercial products like yogurt, kefir & kimchi have issues with them.  Sometimes they are pasteurized (What the…?) doesn’t this defeat the purpose?!  Let’s grow them to kill them off?  …Again (What the…?)!  Almost all of them have too much sugar which feeds the unfriendly strains.  Lastly most only have non-colonizing strains which won’t really help to establish healthy flora.  The fact is 100% of people have parasites.  This is a scientific fact – One I will prove on this blog at some point!  The point isn’t to kill everything bad.  It is to have more good than bad.

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